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Good leaders trust on their own knowledge and skills but also value good advice. We are proud to say that for these leaders we are their ‘trusted advisor’ in career and leadership development, since 1998. Competent, committed, sincere and driven.


Pleased to meet you: We are Career Openers. You are a highly educated professional with a maximum of 10 years working experience. You have made a successful start to your career and are very keen to develop it further. We can help – our site is here to inspire you.


Is there a vacancy that sounds appealing and fits your experience? Easily apply through the application form that can be found under the ‘apply now’ button in the corresponding assignment page. If you can’t find a suitable vacancy, you can upload your resume here for future vacancies.

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Every consultant has their own discipline. As soon as you apply, your details get sent straight to the relevant consultant. They will study them carefully and give you feedback as soon as possible. Even if they don’t think you’re a suitable candidate to take through to the next stage.


What we do



Does your background and experience seem to be a good fit with the required profile? If so, our consultant will give you a call to discuss this further. If we think you’re a suitable candidate, we’ll invite you for an in-depth interview at our office. We might ask you to complete an online assessment in advance.


In-depth interview

During the in-depth interview we’ll analyse your development and career. Besides your relevant skills and experience, we’ll also look at your personal effectiveness and leadership skills. We’ll give you feedback on this. Next, we’ll see whether the relevant vacancy is indeed the right choice. What if, after our conversation, we don’t think you’re suitable (or not yet suitable) for the role, even though you have the right competencies? We’ll look at whether a different role would be a better fit. It’s possible that we will both come to the conclusion that it’s better for you to stay where you are for the moment. A familiar environment sometimes offers you the opportunity to fully focus on your key development challenges. Another option is for us to consider you for the talent community.



If the vacancy is a good match, we’ll create a detailed profile. Included in it are a brief explanation of your career, your results and achievements, a behavioural profile, your motivation, your career ambitions, your salary details and, of course, your CV. This is the profile we will use to introduce you to potential employers. We’ll prepare you for your interview with the company concerned and will support you for the duration of the process. We’ll inform you quickly and in detail about the status of your application with the company concerned.

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Are you an experienced manager with at least 10 years experience in a management or board-level team? Who feels it’s time to take the next step in an already successful career? Go to our Executive Search website!


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